About the Book

Most of the time patients have questions related to the interpretation of their specific test results, the meaning of specific medical terms of their diagnosis, and their treatment plan. A majority of patients, who are reading their own laboratory, radiology, or pathology reports, are not familiar with specific medical terminology related to the thyroid gland and thyroid disease. Sometimes, physicians and health care providers are not available to discuss, or do not have enough time to explain to the patient and interpret all nuances of their diagnosis, test results, or treatment plan. Throughout my 15 years practicing thyroidology (treating patients with thyroid diseases), I have realized that there is not enough information presented to patients during their visits and that patients still have multiple questions leaving their appointments. There is no specific designated practice provider who can explain and interpret to the patient all specific terminology related to her/his disease. The idea to educate and to help the patient along throughout their journey and through their cure is the main reason that the Thyroid Encyclopedia came alive.

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